Introduction to Programming

Learning programming from scratch for complete begineers
This course will introduce you to Programming and explain the basic concept from scratch. This is a pre-requisite for all students in any of the Programming Tracks.No previous coding knowledge is required. Topics covered 1. What is a Program ? 2. Compilers, Interpreters 3. The Bash 4. How does the Web works ? 5. Understanding Http 6. Using Windows Command Line 7. Setting up a Development Environment 8. Simple Data Types 9. Complex Data Types 10. It's fun to be a computer guru! 11. Git and Github 12. Open Source Concept and your development Career Whether you want to become a full time Programmer or you just want to know more about programming, this basic course is for you. It is hands on and you will be writing few lines of program , passing instructions to your computer. This course is very engaging and provides the very basic of a programming start. This is a pre-requisite course.