Full Stack Development
This course will take start you ground up from zero to an Intermediate C# Developer using Microsoft super framework, asp.net core. This course covers concepts that every .NET Programmer should know. [**Introduction to Programming**](https://school.breezelearn.com/courses/347) is a Pre-requisite to this course **Concepts Covered** 1. C# Fundamentals 2. Building your first .Net Console Application. 3. Varibales, Types, Casting 4. Classes and Objects 5. C# Object Oriented Programming 6. Inheritance and Polymorphism 7. Access Modifiers 8. Encapsulation 9. Interfaces 10. Generics 11. Data Structure and Algorithms 12. Dependency Injections in asp.net core 13. Razor Engine view (Blazor Added). 14. MVC Architecture 15. ORM - EntityFrameworkCore, Dapper, Linq 16. Identity Frameworks, OAuth 17. Deployments - Nginx, AWS, IIS 18. Production Environment & Readiness **Hands-on Lab** 1. Console Application & Desktop Application (WPF) 2. Rest API Development *Automatic Documentation, Logging, Authentications, Messaging and Queuing, Architecture and Design, Integration , Deployment, Monitoring etc* 3. Web Based CRUD App. 4. Deployment to multiple Infrastructures (Azure, AWS, GCP). 5. Consuming third party APIs - SenGrid Email, etc. 6. Leveraging Angular Front End.